About Us

We are a small business located in the Kimberley region in the remote north west of Western Australia (Australia); the town is called Derby. We are a business which leases out office space to professionals (on fixed term leases) We also hire out offices on a daily basis to professionals who come in to our town from other towns once a week, once a fortnight, once a month. We also have a training room which is hired out to conduct training, workshops, conferences etc We also have a meeting room (small conference room) with teleconference/skype facilities which is hired out.

Our Objectives

Derby is not a buzzing metropolis, it has a population of @ 4500; and this includes a large number of indigenous aboriginals in the surrounding communities. There are several government organizations, and many small businesses. We are in the tropics and therefore have a wet season and a dry season. We would like to provide the towns' people with the opportunity to have access to Professionals, and to do that they need a place to work from when in town. Being a remote town on the edge of the desert people are used to missing out on a lot of opportunities, having red dirt (called pindan) in their houses, cars, office, under their fingernails...basically everywhere! Due to the remoteness and extreme hot temperatures buildings are made from limited products and built to with-stand extreme cyclones, rain and flooding; this means that the buildings are built for necessity and not for their acrhitectural pleasure.

We are Looking For Professionals

Professionals E.g. Lawyers, Financial Planners, Accountants, Training organizations, Psychologists, Bankers, Finance Brokers, Counselors.

Full - Time